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Awesome communication. Fixed my cart back up and going in a week. Great price. Will be doing more business with them in the future.

6 months ago
Very friendly and knowledgeable. I am new to the golf cart world and they took time to answer my questions and explain a lot about golf carts. I took in my cart that was making a lot of brake noise and they fixed it in timely manner and very affordable. I recommend them highly and I will be back.

a month ago
First time doing business with Lincolnway Golf Cars. Customer service is good. We stopped in to rent a cart, and we were able to drive away with one.

a year ago
Wonderful place the guys are great I purchased my first golf cart from Lincolnway and they went threw everything so great I recommend buying from them I had them put brake lights on and they pulled it in the shop and got it done quick what a great bunch of guys and so nice and they know so much thank you guys for a terrific experience

11 months ago

a year ago
i recently helped a friend get a cart from lincolnway i cannot tell you how impressed we were when we picked it up!!! all the staff are very nice and more important to me there are no games! Iwill refer everyone i know to them.

2 years ago
Awsome customer service. Will definitely take my cart there for any future services.

2 years ago

The guys there really know their stuff

2 years ago
I have nothing but the highest praise for Mike and his crew. I had a cart that was on death’s door, I’d been taking it elsewhere for the last four years with the same problems that were never addressed and only told to “use premium gas only.” So, time for a second opinion. I explained the problems and the past history of my cart to Mike and he performed an in-depth diagnostic for which he then provided a recommended course of action. Long story short after numerous repairs that were long overdue my cart is now running like a dream and I no longer have to worry about it starting and/or giving out in the middle of the round which it has in the past. Mike put in the time, effort and care my previous dealer did not to getting my cart in full working order and I can’t recommend him highly enough. Thanks, Mike!!!

2 years ago

Very knowledgeable staff, and very accommodating. They took their time listening to the problems with my golf cart and found the exact solution. Thank you so much.
3 years ago

These guys are top notch!!
3 years ago

Good selection of variables and accessories, and Mike has always been a great help
3 years ago

2 years ago

Awesome service. Nice place to do business.—Skip Allgood
3 years ago

4 years ago

4 years ago

Very friendly knowledgeable staff who do great work. Large selection of carts to choose from and if you can’t find what you want they will make it. You can also lease carts for the season.
4 years ago

Great Experience for the whole process. Great place and Great people, we love our Cart.
4 years ago

Sorry for the dramatic review…
However, this is 2019. If your website isn’t up-to-snuff, how can I trust your service?
Email is not listed on the homescreen (it is linked, but requires an edge log in to even see who the email is being sent to).
FYI, anyone looking for their email — Click on “Contact Us” and scroll down to find email addresses.
And prices aren’t listed on your site. I understand this is likely due to someone telling you at one point that “Putting prices on your site will cause less foot traffic in the store”… But look at every other car/motorcycle/instrument/etc. website today. It doesn’t work like that anymore.
4 years ago

If there is something you want for a golf cart, this is the place. Good people, good inventory of parts, good supply of carts.
4 years ago

4 years ago

John Warren

5 years ago 
Very helpful as we went to look at one an came home with a different one. They didn’t push us that way. As this was our first one we have ever bought an would recommend them to anyone I feel they are very honest an helpful

Jennifer Snow

5 years ago
Mike and the crew at Lincolnway are the best. We’ve had them service our golf cart for the last 3 years. Honest, friendly, and reliable service keeps us coming back.

Scott Netser

6 years ago
Great service & staff….especially general manager Mike Sturtz

Andrew Dahm

8 years ago
I seriously couldn’t have had a better experience buying my first golf cart. Mike specifically is very knowledgeable and informative. Thanks a lot and I love my purchase!

Jeff King

1 review

  7 years ago
Professional and honest! And very reasonable! They rebuilt my 16 year old cart…looks like a brand new one!!
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