Owning an electric golf car can be difficult if you don’t understand how to properly main them. Replacing golf car batteries can be expensive and there are ways to help the longevity of those golf cart batteries.

1. Keep em’ clean: Make sure golf cart battery terminals and cables are completely clean of corrosion. Don’t hesitate to use water and even baking soda in some instances.
2. Keep em’ watered: Maintain water levels in all golf car batteries. Be sure to fill each cell up to the proper levels. Ask us for a battery fill bottle! (See below)

Check water levels every 3-6 weeks depending on usability. DO NOT let the electrolyte levels fall below the top of the plates. To insure proper filling please follow these rules:


2A. If water levels are low, fill each cell so water is just above the plates

2B. Make sure each cap is tight on each cell

 2C. Charge the golf car

 2D.  After charging, fill each cell up so that it is 1/8 below the bottom of the battery vent (See below). To insure proper battery levels, use the proper fill bottle with DISTILLED WATER. This will automatically fill the cell to the proper levels when completed. Over filling your batteries before charging will cause acid to over spill


 2E. If water levels are low, fill each cell so water is just above the plates

2F. Make sure each cap is tight on each cell

2G. Charge the golf car

2H. Each cap should have a gauge. The gauge should be solid white if the cell is full. If it is not white, that means the cell is low on water. After  charging, You should then attach the hand pump to the watering system.  The other end will go in to a gallon of DISTILLED WATER. As you pump, the water will go to the cells that are low only.

3. Keep em’ charged: Keep your golf cart in a controlled environment.  Batteries will naturally discharge and when not plugged in, they can FREEZE in cold environments. In the winter, once a month unplug the charger from the golf car and plug it back in to recycle the charger. In the summer, we recommend plugging in the charger every time you get a chance. You will not damage the batteries by charging them too long.

If you have any questions about your golf cart,  please call us at 319-455-3257


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