What do I need to do to winterize my golf car?

  1. With gas cars: Clean battery terminals, apply anti-corrosion spray, and charge battery. A charged battery will not freeze, but a discharged (dead) battery will.  If you have a battery trickle charger hook it up to maintain a charged battery during the off season. Treat fuel with a fuel stabilizer to keep the moisture out.  Drive your car for 2 minutes to get treated fuel thru carburetor and fuel lines.
  2. With electric cars:  Clean all battery cables and battery terminals, apply anti- corrosion spray, check water level in each cell.  If the battery plates are covered with water it’s time to charge your car.  After charging cycle is complete it’s time to re-check your water level and fill to the proper levels with DISTILLED WATER.  Leave you charger plugged in during the off season or during extended storage times.  It’s important to unplugged the charger once a month from the car for 10 seconds and plug back into the car to start the charge cycle again.
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